Water Quality Profile Promotion

If you are interested in testing your well water for contaminants, our “Water Quality Profile” covers the following tests required for home loan water inspections: Arsenic, E.coli/Coliform, Lead, Nitrates+Nitrites, pH, and Total Hardness.

For a limited time, we are discounting the profile to $125 for results in 5 business days.

We will even include the following sampling media for free:

(1) Sterile 125ml Bottle – For E.coli/Coliform
(1) 1L Plastic Bottle – For Arsenic/Lead/pH/Total Hardness
(1) 500ml Plastic Bottle – For Nitrates+Nitrites

To take advantage of this offer, please call 1-800-785-5227 or email [email protected]

Offer expires: 09-30-19